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    Admission to M2F subjects to the following terms and conditions:

    1. Make Mi Future provides Basic/Advance courses for three months, during which students have to attend their 2-hour classes for five days i.e. Monday to Friday regularly.

    2. Students have to be punctual with their time-slots.(Reporting time for each class is five minutes before the scheduled time).

    3. The decorum of the institute has to be maintained at all given times.

    4. Students are supposed to carry their I-cards every day to the institute.

    5. Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances. The fee paid with CC/DC should not be charged back through the bank under any circumstances.

    6. Use of mobilephones is strictly prohibited in the institute premises.

    7. Intra-institute medium of conversation is English,which every student is expected to follow.

    8. Any kind of indiscipline by the students shall not be tolerated.

    9. We have a zero tolerance policy with regard to possession and consumption of alchohol,cigarettes,drugs or any other substance of abuse.

    10. The institute’s management reserves the right to terminate the admission of any student who is found to be violating the rules and regulations laid down herein.

    11. All rights are reserved with the management.