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    “We are committed to create your way towards English mastery with well-designed programs and assist you with personalized training to boost up self confidence.”

    At Make Mi Future, you learn from our best materials to obtain high scores in IELTS and CD-IELTS. Our experienced trainers help you with strategies and tips to smartly take the test. We focus on every student’s strength and weakness for individual skill development. Expert trainers guide you at every step of getting over a hurdle of weakness.

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    We ensure your holistic proficiency in English!

    In our IELTS classes, you receive comprehensive study material. We follow a repeated training model for every section to strengthen your English proficiency. Our training methodology has proven a history of excellent results.

    Reading –

    • Time duration is 60 minutes with scoring scale of 0-9 bands.

    • It has 3 passages and 40 questions.

    • Each question is worth one mark and no extra time is given in it.

    Writing –

    • Writing skills assessment duration is 60 minutes, with scoring scale of 0-9 bands.

    • Passages are taken from newspapers, magazines, catalogs and web sites.

    • Passages are taken from newspapers, magazines, catalogs and web sites.

    • Candidates must attempt both tasks.

    • Minimum 150 words are required for Task 1 and 250 words for Task 2.

    Listening –

    • Listening test duration is of 40 minutes (30 minutes + 10 minutes transfer time).

    • Scoring scale of 0-9 bands.

    • It has four sections, each with 10 items (or questions), each item is worth one mark.

    • Students get a question booklet on which the questions are printed. The tape is then played and students write answers simultaneously while the tape is going on. Students get time to look at the questions before the listening starts and check their work at the end of each section.

    Speaking –

    • Organized on a day other than the day of the main exam (i.e. Listening, Reading and Writing are arranged on one day).

    • Speaking duration is 11-14 minutes with scoring scale of 0-9 bands.

    • IELTS Speaking is a one-to-one interaction between the candidate and an examiner.

    • It has three parts.

    Part 1

    • 4-5 minutes

    • Introduction and interview

    • Examiner first introduces himself/herself and asks questions about familiar topics to the candidate.

    Part 2

    • 3-4 minutes

    • Individual long turn

    • Candidate gets a Cue card with a topic on which she/he has to speak for 1-2 minutes and she/he gets one-minute time to prepare for the topic before she / he starts to speak. Examiner also asks one or two follow-up questions when the candidate stops speaking.

    Part 3

    • 4-5 minutes Extended discourse

    • Examiner asks questions that are thematically linked to the topic in part 2 and the questions are more of abstract nature.

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    Score high in IELTS with us

    Our IELTS Training classes create a perfect guiding environment where students can learn and practice all the required skills. We teach time management and test-taking tips to maximize outcome of the test.

    Experienced faculty

    In-depth study materials

    Time-based syllabus

    Result-driven structure

    Learn IELTS from the Best in Punjab

    “Do you have a vision to move to country like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, and others? We help Professionals and Students to prepare for IELTS and attain desired bands.”

    Your dream of studying or working in another country depends on your proven proficiency in English. From Visa applications to University applications, your IELTS score becomes a part of your eligibility. Make Mi Future has experienced faculty members and top-notch infrastructure for IELTS training in Punjab.

    At our IELTS training Hoshiarpur, we have been preparing students for years now. We deliver training in all areas of test requirements to prepare you for the Computer Delivered IELTS (CD-IELTS). The training begins with the basics to make you comfortable with the fundamentals. Then, our experts gradually increase the depth of study to strengthen your skills. We combine theory, practice, individual interaction and interesting assignments to get you ready for the exam.

    We have well-furnished rooms with Smart classes and all necessary components required for a comfortable CD IELTS training in Hoshiarpur. Our training rooms are spacious with a learning-friendly atmosphere.

    To know more about our CD IELTS Training, feel free to call us. We are here to help you out!