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    “Our CELPIP class has well-designed structure to cover all components of the General and General LS exams.”

    A CELPIP course at Make Mi Future begins with a test format familiarity and expected performance components. Our professionals teach about different types of questions and the right approach to answer them. Your English skills get sharpened with vocabulary building to make you confident about taking this test. You learn valuable tips for specific test sections.

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    Our CELPIP preparation course targets all the modules required to score high in the test. There are four modules ith individualized attention on each of them within our preparation structure.

    Reading module

    This module is for students to practice the fundamentals and strategies of reading as per the format of CELPIP test.

    Writing module

    This module offers comprehensive learning material to cover the writing section of your CELPIP test in appropriate style and vocabulary.

    Speaking module

    This module revolves around the improvement of your speaking skills with the correct use of vocabulary and grammar.

    Listening module

    Listening module overviews your ability to comprehend what you hear and create appropriate responses comfortably.

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    Key Features

    Our expert teachers create a convenient environment for you to grow your abilities and learn test-focused skills. We provide practice material and personalized assistance to get you to your best level.

    Module-based lessons

    In-depth practice materials

    Helpful tricks and tips

    Expert assistance

    Professionally designed CELPIP course

    “Our professionals have given a strategic thought in creating the structure of study material, lectures and tests as well. The same professionals conduct classes for students who are future test takers.”

    In our institute, teachers utilize practical and effective ways to guide students towards English fluency. We have the finest equipment and comfortable environment to make preparation efficient for students. Teachers take classes in small groups, which ensures personal attention to the growth of every student in a class. You get to ask all your questions without hesitation and practice your skills in a positively reinforced environment.

    When teaching, our trainers assist students in forming proper sentences, improving pronunciation and becoming comfortable with the language. There is always a topic of the day, on which, students get to practice their speaking and listening skills. The interactions happen with fellow students and instructors, which shapes the proficiency in every student.

    Make Mi Future is a leading CELPIP coaching in Hoshiarpur where you are free to make mistakes, so our teachers can give advice and provide detailed corrections. Gradually, your communication skills, listening, speaking, writing, reading and grammar reach an excellent level of proficiency.

    “Take no chance with your CELPIP preparation; come straight to the finest institute. Call now to know more!”